How To Eat Anything You Want And Get Your Desired Body

There are some diet systems that I get absolutely crazy excited about because not only are they backed by real world data but also sound scientific evidence from peer review journals. One diet that I am really, really excited about right now is Carb Backloading and it meets my requirements for actually personally testing this approach on a daily basis.

Carb Backloading is a diet where at specific times each day you can literally pig out on all types of high GI carb foods that are often banned from weight loss diets. Most nights I’m able to eat as many pizza, hamburgers, fries, cakes and pretzels as I want. Some nights I will even scoff down donut after donut. And you know what, I’m still consistently losing fat each day. Has your jaw dropped yet?

And the cool thing is I’m not losing muscle but gaining it. Yes that’s right. It’s only fat I’m losing and I’m able to do it by eating foods that I find very pleasurable to eat. I mean come on, who the heck wants to go on a diet when they realize that all their favorite foods are not allowed. This doesn’t put a smile on anybody’s face does it?

This is why following Carb Backloading can be a long term diet rather than just another fad. Because it can easily be followed for as long as you want into the future. It’s so easy to follow for the long term and this means that you will lose fat for as long as you want, while still building muscle mass.

It’s a total win win situation using this diet program. But there are a few lifestyle changes you will have to make if you want to follow this diet system. You will need to fast from the time you go to bed (we all fast for roughly 8 hours each night) to around early afternoon. This means you will be skipping breakfast and lunch. Then eating your first meal of protein and fats at around 2 – 3 in the afternoon.

Then around 5pm (after your food has digested) you will do a workout with weights. This is the best exercise to do as it will allow you to get the best results for when it comes to scoffing yourself with as much food as you want. So after you do your workout, you’re free to eat anything you want and as much of it as you want and weight loss will occur rapidly.

How To Pick The Best Weight Training Program For You

There are weight training programs that work excellently and then there are weight training programs that are terribly bad and will do nothing to give you the body you want. But hopefully you know this already. But with so many damn weight training programs being released onto the market everyday, it can be really hard and mind numbingly difficult trying to expose the good from the bad.

Now if you have been online researching popular weight training programs with phrases such as Adonis Golden Ratio review or P90x does it work and so on, you may have become even more overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information that you can find out about a particular program. It’s great being able to access so much information, but at the same time the cause of all the confusion many people are feeling today all boils down to being exposed to too much information.

Information overload is alive an kicking on the Internet. And when you are exposed to so much information, getting paralysis by analysis is another thing many people can suffer from. So how the heck do you find the best weight training course so you can master the art and science of pumping iron?

One of the most important things you need to consider is the person who has created the training program. Are they well known? Have they been able to achieve results with people? What ability level do they cater for? And so on. You need to think about what you want from a training program, ask the questions, and then research for answers. It’s vital that you enlist the help of someone who is at the top of their game. This will help you become better and hopefully learn faster at the same time.

Another thing to consider is the goal of the training program and whether or not it matches your own personal goal. Because if both goals are different then there will be conflict and you will not get the best results. So keep this in mind when you are going through this training program.

Last of all, is you. “You” are the big factor to whether or not a training program will work or not, regardless of how powerful and effective it may be. If you cannot dedicate yourself to the program, take action on it, and be consistent, then you could be handed the keys to the palace but you won’t do anything with them. So always make sure your motivation is right before getting a training program.

How To Become Addicted To The Gym – A Guide For Soon To Be “Junkies”

Working out is one of those things that is painful as hell when you first begin but after a few weeks you will surprisingly be craving the feeling you get from working out. Don’t believe me? Well, the only way to prove me right or wrong is to actually go to the gym consistently for a few weeks and see for yourself.

I tell people it will take about 16 gym session (4 a week) spread out over four weeks for people to become hooked on working out and not want to give up on the amazing “feel good” effects that comes with exercising regularly.

It personally took me about two weeks to become a gym addict. So the 4 week rule isn’t set in stone. But whatever the case, just like with any habit, the longer you do a particular behaviour, the more addictive it will become the longer you do it for.

And when it comes to working out. This addiction is a great thing because it has so many benefits that it’s a worthwhile addiction to become hooked on.

A great way to track your workouts and ensure that they become a habit is to first begin using a great workout system like the one I recommend MI40. Then I would suggest you download an app called “Lift” which will help you track your workouts on a daily basis.

It’s a great little app that has been built to help inspire and motivate people to workout consistently so they can built this new behaviour as a habit that become a positive addiction. You can of course use lift app for many things but it works particularly well for tracking workouts.

So go to the app store (Android or iTunes) and download it for your device and you will wonder how you could have ever done without it after a few short weeks of using it.

When your gym workouts start to become an addiction, you will never have that feeling like you don’t want to workout and if you have to skip a workout due to being sick or injured, you will actually feel like something big and important is missing from your life.

This is an amazing thing when this happens because it means you have now become an addict and your gym workouts will not only become easier but you due to this, you will experience far better results and faster too.