The Idea Behind LASIK Surgery

LASIK eye surgery is a laser assisted eye surgery. It was created to be a permanent solution to common eye problems that effect vision and cause a person to have to wear glasses. The idea behind LASIK surgery is a rather simple one. It is how the surgery works that is fascinating.

When a person has a vision problem that requires them to wear glasses, it is usually caused by the cornea being misshaped. To understand it helps to understand how the eye works. Light comes into the eye through the cornea, which is the clear covering of the eye. The pupil then bends the light and sends it to the lens. The lens then focuses the light on the retina where it is sent to the optic nerve and on to the brain to process into images that we see.

When the cornea is not shaped properly, the whole vision process becomes warped and the light does not travel properly through the eye. In the end the result is an image that is blurred or somehow distorted. A person then requires either glasses or contact lens to correct their vision problem.

LASIK surgery can gentle tailor the cornea so that it is properly shaped. This then rids the problem of blurred or distorted vision and the person no longer requires corrective lens.

The whole idea behind Laser eye surgery is to correct the cornea and restore good vision. This is usually the outcome of the surgery as it is seen as a very good way to correct vision problems on a more permanent level then corrective lens.

Most LASIK patients will come away form the surgery being able to stop relying on their eye glasses or contact lens for the rest of their life. However, the surgery does not work for all types of vision problems and some age-related problems may still exist, for example, a person may find they still need reading glasses.

LASEK surgery is a major breakthrough that has been changing how people see the world. This surgery is an amazing concept that can really change someone’s life. You’ll find lots of people who will be established by corrective lens and also who would enjoy so that you can notice obviously with no these individuals. For those people, the answer comes in the form of LASIK. After all, the real idea behind LASIK surgery is to help people see more clearly and it lives up to that everyday as patients walk away seeing the world around them in a way they could never before.